My work!

Well I think it is awesome? Do you?


-Why dose this website exist?

I am a college student, which is apart on a course called Interactive media! Which dose many things to game design, animation and many other things! ・∀・ I will be uploading many things onto this website as this website is my portfolio for the course! I will upload any work that I do which can be research, text, videos, art, etc.

All of this will build up to my final project which will be made in the future! 😀


-General stuff about me (I guess):

I love to create creative my spare time by using Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro! I also love video games mainly Nintendo ones as well some other games like Overwatch,etc.

-Previous work:

I have made some other work which I done in my spare time before course work. My past work can be found here: Click me :3