My work!

Well I think it is awesome? Do you?


I always have been fascinated with Digital Arts and the way it is created, modified, distributed and preserved for a long time. Nowadays, Digital media has become such a vital part of our life and it is difficult for people to cope with their daily routine without Internet access or mobile phones. My aspiration is to become a designer and hopefully work for some of the most successful advertising companies in the future.

Currently I am a second year student at BTEC Digital Arts course, in Kingston College. I have enjoyed every aspect of the course as it gave me the chance to explore the digital side of art and the new technologies. This experience has formed my firm decision to further my knowledge at university level. While studying Digital arts I have learned a range of skills that include game production and character designing. I have also learned a variety of new digital techniques that are related to games production such as Video and Audio editing, Graphic Design, 3D modelling and 2D animation. Now I feel confident to use Adobe Creative suite, Maya, Unreal game engine and GarageBand.

I found the Digital Arts course at college very inspirational and I have decided to further my skills and knowledge at University. I would like to adopt more advanced skills in all creative suits and deepen my contextual knowledge about Games Design. That would help me to follow my aspirations and enter the professional world of the interactive media industry.­