Here are my moodboards which I have made for my final major project for research and idea generation:


I looked at existing main character from games and shows with a cartoon style to them. I will use this a reference for generating ideas for my main character and other character.

Character moodboard

I analysed the colours used for the main character specifically from Mega Man, Super Mario and to GunVolt to show how basic to how complex art style for characters can get and how simple is good.

Character colour analysis moodboard

Made a moodboard for dual weapons. I wanted my main character to hold two weapons at once so I made a board mainly for dual pistols.

Dual weapons moodboard

I also looked at posing for shooting from real life and from the 2D game Megaman. I looked at posing for a single and two guns at the same time.

dual weapons poses moodboard

Looked at helmets for character development. I looked at modern and futuristic helmets to get inspired for my main character helmet.

Helmet moodboard

Next I looked at robots and bosses from different video games. I taken a lot of ideas and creating my own from Metal Sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog for its rivalry towards the main character.

Boss Robots moodboard 1

I additionally looked at robots from the Mega Man series and from all having unique designs for each of the robots. I looked at various robot character from enemies to bosses.

Boss Robots moodboard 2enemies moodboard

Here is my general mood board for robots from movies and video games. Star Wars had lots of inspiration for its robots and world design.

Robots moodboardJapan robots moodboardMech Suits moodboardmoodboard walk cyclesIdle sheet moodboardJumping moodboard