Here are my final 2D Shooter platform called Dual Burst gameplay video:

Game Showcase 1Game Showcase 3Game Showcase 2Game Showcase 4

Good Points:

-The controls and player mechanics are fun to use in game from the various heights of jumps you can do to the way you can shoot enemies down.

-Level mechanic ideas and level mechanic presentation was a great part of the level design for the GrowCubes. They feel unique and adds more gameplay to the level.

-The pixel art works well with the game for being a 32 bit game. The platforms and character can be defined what is from how much detail they have, etc. The green neon lighting compliments the game and contrast well with the blue colours in by background.


Bad Points:

-The game still has many bugs, which I tried to fix. An example is when the character is trapped in the bigger grow cubes and can escape from being stuck after the grow cube shrinks. Additionally, the TV follow you enemy can go through the ground if he keeps following in a originally not planned enemy area.

-The sfx audio design is decent but the sound track feels it could of have been better from the uneven sounds of the rythm while playing the game. Music sounds could be sawing to the ear. I would of also added more various music sound tracks to change the mood of the level in game for various points such as the end.

-The enemies made are good but I want more variety in the level by adding more various enemies, which all do different actions. I had lots of more sketches and development for adding more enemies to the game too, if I had more time.



-Do more game testing and bug fixes next time I make another game.

-Focus more on music design and how music can fit with the level more.

-Add more unique enemies to the game to create are more unique and different for that part of the level.

What would I add if I had more time with this project:

If I had more time I would of added more levels with different themes to the level, which introduces new level mechanic ideas, enemies which have different attributes to challenge the player from the variety of robots, a more complex moveset, which can be used in all of the level and can change each of the players playability styles and a game design feature where you can choose different weapons for a different way to play the game.


Comparing it to professionally work:

I will be comparing my game towards a modern and old retro game, which will be Sonic Mania (2017) and Mega Man X (1993).

Comparing my game towards Sonic Mania shows it both has the a pixel art style. Sonic Mania has a 16 bit which is the size of 16 by 16 pixels in a Photoshop document. All of the sprite work are very detailed by giving shades and tints towards the pixel art. The colours uses are bright and bold. My sprites are decently detailed but the colours choices are vary. My colours are more moody, for instance I used various blues and greens to create a night time themed level.

Level design in Sonic Mania show that you can use different pathways to try and get the fastest time. The top being the safest but more challenging, while the bottom being more dangerous to go through. My game has two main pathways to go by and give and different game play vibe towards the level. The top is more a run and gun section while the bottom is more platform based.

The players movement in Sonic Mania is that the player wants to go fast through all of the slopes and loops in the level to try and get the fastest time. Meanwhile, my level is more slow paced from how slower the player is and how you want to shoot the robots in the level.

There are similarities and differences towards Dual Burst and Sonic Mania from its gameplay and various other features such as some parts of its level design.

Comparing my game towards MegaMan X, it has some similarities from both having pixel art and they are a 2D shooter base. Health items can be picked up to heal yourself in both games. It differs from Megaman X  as the game is in 16 bit pixel art style, while my game used 32 bit. Level design for MegaMax X is more linear and the levels going from straight left to right, with no various pathways to take. My game has decision over two different pathways to choses from.

Comparing it to my past work:

Rogue Blade was a 2D platform made for my previous Game Design assignment back in 2017:

From looking back at this video demo of the game I have improved. My pixel art animation has improved from making walks cycles more realistic. General pixel art making has improved for the pixel art in Dual Burst being more constant for the 32 bit style. Level design has improved by a ton for Dual Burst as now you can go back in the level if you would like to and the level logic from the mechanic, enemy and platform placement are more thought out in Dual Burst. Player controls seem to be improved too and not as buggy as before. Controls feel more solid for Dual Burst from the easy to understand shooting button. Rogue Blades player mechanic was a melee sword weapon, which was pretty buggy. Colours are better placed in Dual Burst than Rogue Blade.

Dual Burst has a massive improvement towards Rogue Blade.





I like my 2D shooter platform. It is a improvement over Rogue Blade, a 2D platformer game I made back in 2017 from the various features. I have improved in game design and level design, which makes a more logical and funner game to play. My ideas and development has improved to make a more unique game. I enjoyed making my game level as I have the chance to learn a lot about the mechanics and design of the game. I also improved my computer skills as I initially self -thought myself how to use ‘Unreal’ engine in a more professional way. Trough the project I faced a lot of challenges, which I have overcome with patience and willingness to learn form my errors. This project has helped me to realise that I have made a good choice by deciding to continue my education at university level and eventually pursue a carrier in the game industry. I am passioned about the games  and I will continue making games with various genres in the future in order to satisfy different audience.