I made basic idea generation for a game I will make. I looked at existing games for inspiration.


I started to create a Project Proposal for my pitch next week. I explained the games setting, story, gameplay, my inspirations from other existing games and media, target audience and goals in the proposal to show what I will be doing for my final major project.


I researched more 2D platforms and the various types of platforms such as shooters, exploration, puzzle, etc.

Additionally, to the project proposal, I made a draft one of the game design document which gives a more in-depth look at my concept for the 2D game.

I started to draw rough sketches of my idea down on paper. First by doing mindmaps to branch out different ideas. I also made mood boards to get inspiration from. I started to draw development of scenes, characters and gameplay ideas.


I continued doing sketches and other art material development for characters and backgrounds in my sketchbooks. I used paint to neon highlighters to paper collages.


Started to do digitalise various pixel art in Adobe Photoshop like the main basic character animation.



Developed the pixel art more to fit with colouring. I also started to make pixel art for the props and other characters for the level.


During Easter I started – Unreal: Basic setup and character movement

– Unreal: Tileset and Tilemap creating

– Research: Level design

– Research: enemy

– Playtest


– Unreal: Level design

-Unreal: enemy

-Research: Level mechanics

-Grow blocks level mechanic design

– Playtest


-Hud Interface: health



-Menu interface

-Sound design and Soundtrack

-Game over Screen


From general feedback, I made bug fixes to the game which enhances the gameplay for it being more professional.

I Added an end to the game level. I made a cutscene style of ending where the player falls down from a trap door which the antagonist opened.

I made a final version of my Unreal game and exported it out as a .exe.

I made feedback forms from google forms to get various result data to show good points, bad points and what I should improve on.




FMP deadline 22.05.18








CIC Big Event (Tuesday 12th June)

23 05.03.18 -Game Design Document

-Research: 2D platformers

-Early drawn concept sketches

Analysing, book research, sketching/other

Blog process update

24 12.03.18 – Research

– Environment and character design, controller type

– Level design / mechanics

– Revise Photoshop knowledge

Books, internet, media, etc

Adobe Photoshop

Blog process update

25 19.03.18 – Pitching my game idea to staff.

– Research: Level design and level mechanics

 Enemies, Players movement

– Concept sketches and art

Pitching my idea to  people.

Sketching/art tools

Blog process update

26 26.03.18 – Research: Tilesets, backgrounds

– Backgrounds

– Creating the assets: Character, tilesets

– Revise Unreal engine knowledge

– Playtest


Blog process update

EASTER – Unreal: Basic setup and character movement

– Unreal: Tileset and Titlemap creating

– Research: Level design

– Playtest


Tileset/Tilemap design

Blog process update

27 16.04.18 – Research: Level design

– Level design

– Playtest

Level design

Blog process update

28 23.04.18 – Research: UI/HUD and menus

– Creating the assets: UI/HUD and menus

– Unreal: UI/HUD and menus

– Playtest

UI/HUD and menu design

Blog process update

29 30.04.18 – Unreal: Level mechanics and game mechanics

– Research: Music/Audio design,  level mechanics

 and Game mechanic

– Creating: Audio

– Playtest

Audio/music design

Blog process update

30 07.05.18 – Research: Music/Audio design

– Creating: Audio

– Other level design and level mechanics work

– Playtest


Blog process update

31 14.05.18 – Finalises game

– Playtest

Other people to play the game

Blog process update

32 21.05.18 – Feedback gathering

– Game bug, etc fixes

People to give feedback

Blog process update

HALF TERM   – Feedback gathering Feedback

Blog process update

33 04.06.18 – Evaluation

– CIC Big Event setup presentation

Written skills

Blog process update

34 11.06.18 CIC Big Event (Tuesday 12th June)

Fashion Show ACT (Friday 15th June)