For my level 2D design I created an exploration style of a level where you can take different paths to go to the end of each level where there will boss at the end. I looked at level design from Sonic Mania and Steam World Dig 2 to get inspired by my open level design by analysing in a previous post.

I also looked at how the Nintendo originally made the level design for Super Mario Bros in a previous post too. They used graph paper with colours to colour code the level to define what was what. I will be doing something similar to this.

I started my drawing ruth ideas on one of my pages in my sketchbook to get the feel on what I will be doing for my level design. Then I did a sketch of the level on normal pieces of paper which used around 6 pages which are taped together to expand the work surface area so I can draw more of the level without it being small.

After I done the first draft I transferred the level over onto graph paper by redrawing it using the plain paper version as a reference.  I also colour coloured on the graph paper to indicate what was a platform, enemies and the level mechanics.

When finished I used this as a reference when making the level digitally in Unreal. It came out quite similar with many changes too to improve the level design from playtesting it.