-Here is my written treatment for my 2D platformer:

The setting for the game is a world where humanity has died from a radioactive bomb. The only thing which lives on the planet are reaming robots and machines. Alex a robot with a blade to defeat the evil reboots up. The robot takes the name ‘Alex’ from a dead corpse which used to be the original creator of the robot. Alex adventures outside of the lab to defeat the remaining factories which are still running. Alex is programmed to defeat the evil even tho there are no terms of evil anymore in this world.

The 2D platformer is a hack and slash and explorations game. Using the electric blade you installed, you can slash through enemies to get through each of the levels. The electric blades run on fuel which can be refuelled by defeating enemies in each level. Each of the levels big explorations, with multi-able routes and secrets. There is loads of replayability. There is a feature to upgrade your robot. You can do this by collecting collectables in the levels. Each of the levels will have unique mechanics and a boss at the end of it.

I will be making the game in a pixel art style. Likely a mix of 16 bit (16 by 16) and 32 (32 by 32) bit pixel art which will be colourful and detailed. Each animation is going to link well with the pixel art. The music will be techno and electronic style to have that robotic feel to it also making music fit with all of the futuristic machines, etc.

-Some information on the game:

I will be making all of the visuals for the game inside Adobe Photoshop as I use that for pixel art. Then Adobe Illustrator when needed for other visuals. I will be doing most of the animation work for sprites ,etc in Photoshop too. I will use After Effects and Premiere Pro when needed like cutscenes, etc. I will be using Unreal engine to create the 2D platformer game in as you can set the engine to be 2D focused. I will be using some music software like audacity and LMMS to create sound and a small soundtrack for the specific level.