-Here is my written treatment for my Hope animation:

My animation will be about the letter W. I will use the word waffle, ‘W is for Waffle’. The animation will show a coloured plate with a coloured floor and background. A waffle will appear with reversed eating to make it enter the animation. Then the colours from the plate, background and floor will change/swap, then change back later in the animation. After the waffle appears it will turn straight towards the camera then starts to break into pieces which reveals the letter W. Then for a few frames it switches back to a waffle shape with a w hole inside it, then switches back once again. Then Waffles appear around it. Then the W letters disappears leaving with the words ‘W is for Waffle’

-Some information on how will the animation will be:

My animation will be 5 seconds long with one scene. This scene will show a empty space with only a coloured plate and coloured background and floor. The scene sort of changes, the colours get swapped around so the coloured background gets swapped by the floor. The plate colour swaps to another coloured plate. The colours used are bright and cheerful which gives a happy colour mood.

For the animation, I will use a camera to take a picture, then move the waffle,etc in the scene. I will repeat this process till I get to 5 seconds. There are 25 frames in a second, so that will equal to 125 frames for 5 seconds. I will take 125 camera shots to create the animation. After I’ve taken the pictures, I will import them to Adobe Premier Pro to make the original pictures into a moving animation. Then I will export it as a .mov in the right settings.