Here is my final version of the stop motion animation for the letter alphabet project. I had the letter, W so I did W for Waffle. Here is the 5 second (125 frames) animation:


Good Points

– The animation is linked to the letter W, for waffle being a W word.

-The setup for the animation was good. I setup the animation in a mild to dark room. I got a lamp and a camera with a tripod. I added colour card to make the background and floor for the animation.

-I like the feature I added which changes the colours of the plate and backgrounds by swapping around. So when the background with green red colours while the plate was orange. Then it swaps to a yellow/green plate and with the backgrounds switching from green to red.

Bad Points

-The ‘W’ seen in the animation could of been better seen in the animation. The shape of it is oh ok. The W shape can be seen in the cut waffle but could have been better! Also the W waffle shape blends in with the other waffle colours and texture behind it at the end of the animation.

-The quality of the animation pictures could have been improved by using more appropriate camera settings and the lighting quality in the room should have been changed, as well, to improve the environment around the scene and reveal more details of the object. It should be more appropriate if I used two lamps instead of one but I was equipped only with one lamp at home. The overall quality of the pictures has gone down as well due to the fact that I used zoom option of the lenses, ignoring the distance between the camera and the object, which made the images look more blurry.

-More animation movements for the waffle to make it feel like the waffle is a living thing.


-Next time, I will make the cut waffle for the W more shaped like a W. Also I might change it into another colour as it blended into the other waffles, which makes it harder to see the letter shape.

-I will get two lamps one for the Left and Right to make lighting quality better. Also, I will not zoom a lot in and will choose more appropriate position for my camera.  Also I will get the right lens manual settings for the camera next time.

-Will move the waffle animation more smoothly to make it speed up  fluently by having more frames from the the rotations of the waffle.


I made all of the sound from real life by recording it. All of the sounds in the animation are diegetic. I recorded the crispy sounds for the stop motion, by recording myself eating a waffle, dropping the waffle and various other actions I did with the waffle. After that I edited them. I reused some sounds and just changed the speed and pitch of them to make them sound different. This sound effects came out slightly longer then 5 seconds so I trimmed  the file in Audacity and Premier pro in order to meet the time requirements from the brief.  I like the use of sound in my final stop motion. It make the animation more appealing, complimented the colours used and  helped me to convey the idea better.  The music has a positive effect on the animation, which was well accepted in the informal feedback that I have received from my peers and teachers in class. I liked the sounds I recorded and used in the final stop motion animation.

Comparing it to professionally work:

Comparing professionally work to my animation work show there are various things which makes each animation unique. I will be comparing my work to Fresh Guacamole by PES stop motion animation.

Fresh Guacamole animation is a 1:40 animation. while my animation is 0:05 animation. Fresh Guacamole has a bigger production and quality value. Fresh Guacamole has a very smooth animation and is not choppy. I calculated how many frames it uses, it is around 3500 frames for the whole animation. My animation comes around 125 frames from 1 second being 25 frames. My animation is smooth at some parts but is choppy at other parts.

Both of the animation ideas/styles show they are both food base. My animations shows a Waffle for the letter W while Fresh Guacamole is showing someone making a Fresh Guacamole by cooking processes but using house hold items found at home which represents food in the animation. My animation is different as I used real food as my main prop to animate with.

The art style which is shown in the animation for Fresh Guacamole, shows a realistic art style with a use of colourful objects from which he cooks with. This is good from the viewer to draw attention towards the more brighter/colourful objects in each shot!

Colouful object food 1Colouful object food 2

Fresh animation

Comparing colours to my animation, shows it is quite different but similar at the same time!

Waffle colours 1Waffle colours 2

The colours  I used show that I used bright colours which give the moods of warmth/ cheerfulness. In each parts of the animation I reverse the colours so the background and floor swaps around while the plate gets swapped by another colour. I kepted in mind that usually animated alphabets are used to help children learn the alphabet, so I used bright a complimentary colours as green and red which creates a nice contrast between the background and the plate and after that I included a bright and vivid orange to entise the children’s’ eyes and make it more appealing to the audience.

Feedback for final:

-Social media feedback:

From feedback from Facebook and Twitter it seems that many people were quite positive and liked the stop motion animation I have created! Many people said it has a good pace while some were commenting that it is too fast. In my opinion it is a bit fast but I have tried to fit the animation within a very short amount of time-just 5 seconds. I can agree, it was a bit fast because the animation was only five seconds. I can always improve this next time I do a stop motion animation by checking the pace of the animation before the final submission. That could be done by asking friends and peers for a feedback. Overall, everyone who watched the stop motion liked the colours used in the animation, as well as how the animation conveys the idea that the letter ‘W’ stands for  ‘waffle’.


Feed back social media 2 1

Feed back social media 2 2Feed back social media 2 3

From the comments of the forms: “Waffles are appealing to everybody so it’s easy to like” and “It made me laugh”, many people liked the animation and how it was appealing! A comments, which I will use to improve on next is “The concept is nice. Shooting is too sloppy (unwanted movements) and the end is out of focus!?”. I will make each movements smoother and not as sloppy. I will make a better set up for the camera focus at the end of the animation next time! Also the essential part of the improvement would be that I have to get into the habit to take much more pictures as that would improve a lot the quality of the movement and will create naturally smoother transition between the frames.


Overall I animated a five second animation for W for a bigger project called animated alphabet. From the generally positive feedback animation, I am proud of what I have made for the assignment and will use the feedback to improve next time when I make another stop motion animation!