I looked at two stop motions by the same person, PES. I specify looked at his animation called ‘Fresh Guacamole by PES’ which was a 2013 Academy Award Nominated film and a other video called ‘Submarine Sandwich by PES’. Both of the animations mainly use pixilation animation technique where they take pictures of people frame by frame. We mainly only see hands but still counts as pixilation.

The creator of these two stop motions is by PES. Where he makes stop motions in real time using various objects. He most popular animations is the small series, is where the animation show food being made by a person making it by cooking technique’s like chopping,etc. Although all of the food is made out of objects fund around the houses. For example when he chops a tomatoes which are a needle pouch, they change into red dice when he chops them.

Chop 1

Chop 2

Chop 3

Most of PES animations are very satisfying due to the creativity in the animation and how unique his animations are.

Meat cutter.png

The animation process shows it is mainly picture by picture from a camera and using special techniques like changing the object to other by one frame,etc. Here is how they made Sub Sandwich.

As we can see they mainly use a camera, a figure in the animation and various many objects.  There is another person who poses the person in the animation and makes sure each frames is linked with the one before it. He also takes each of the frames picture when they are set up.

CameraCamera 2Camera 3

Fresh Guacamole was originally published on the March 7, 2012 but then moved onto another youtube channel on March 7, 2013. Fresh Guacamole was The 2013 Academy Award Nominated film by PES and ‘Fresh Guacamole’ was the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. Submarine Sandwich was published on the 10 Dec 2014 and was the third one in PES cooking film series. The animation quality has improved since Fresh Guacamole by making it better from the technique they have learnt from their previous animations they have made. In the behind the scenes for Submarine Sandwich they stated the scene they have been working on is their biggest space they animations on before.