Here is my final animation which was summited in for a competition called ‘A Sense of Hope’ ( I had to make a 2D animation by using digital animation methods and I will also

Storyboard page 1Storyboard page 2Storyboard page 3

Good points:

-The pase of the animation is done well. It gives the point of the animation under 50 second. Each scenes go through each of the scenes well. Quick dramatic scenes go fast (1-2 seconds) to add more dramatic fast scene (sort of action) pase to the animation while establishing shorts and general scenes are shorter, like 4-5 seconds.

-The bad thoughts scenes (scene – scene) are well put together with the tv snow effect overlaid on top of the animation scenes. I enjoyed and like how well the 90s tv ad scene was put together from the easy eases key framing to the bounces of the text and other components in the animation.

-The planning towards the animation is well put together. From my sketch book work like the mind maps, drawings, etc shows how my ideas got developed into the final product. The story board and animatic also helped one of my planed ideas for the final animation.

Bad points:

-A bit more audio by adding more audio to the animation and improve some audio SFX. From feedback some people say the animation should of have more audio in the animation as audio is one of the main keys to make an animation fit well together. Another problem was that some sounds which I recorded had static, which was quite hard to remove.

-Some of the animation actions for the characters should of have more animation to them, more frames to make the animation more fluent and not as choppy. My character animations, for like the doctor (scene   ) only had around 3 frames of animation.

-Some of the animation is inaccurate, sort of jumps. Movement of the camera and objects could of have been better and could of been better positioned. A scene where we saw the character, the doctor and Dad also Mum in the bed. We could see there were moving from left to the right. You can see that the Dad movement from left to right was faster than the doctors which makes the animation inaccurate with position.



-Next time, I will record more sounds in the world. Edit them to not have the static for each effect. Uses move sounds which overlap sounds when placing them in Premier Pro.

– Add more frames to each of the characters animations to make them more fluent movements as well to add more life to each of the characters.

-Make each animation keyframe planned with correct measurements using the coordinates in After Effects (X and Y) to place each of the assets in the right position and animate them so they are accurate actions.



The music which I implemented into the animation is a mix of my recorded sounds and free royalty sounds I found online. The diegetic sounds fits with the animation but next time I will add more sounds to the animation as some parts of the animation are quite and then there is sound back again. A good example of this is when the baby sounds are in the animation. It goes quiet and then the baby cries were a bit too loud. I had some issues getting some sounds from me and recording them. I had a problem when I couldn’t able to get baby noises so I just got them from The only non- diegetic sounds was from the mum’s thoughts scenes. I used some static sound and some sounds from youtube royalty free section to make some distorted sound effects.

I used audacity, to edit the sounds which helped a lot. I used it to fade in and out various sounds and when needed to I made some of the music distorted. Next time when I make sounds for a animation I will record more sounds by doing various actions to creates the specific sound I need in real life, then record it.

Comparing it to professionally work:

– Comparing to professionally work from the ones I did for my research which were Spirited Away and Rocketbank ✕ Arcada. These two animation had very different animations, comparing my animation to these two animation shows that I did a very different art style to the ones I research. I did a vector art style while Spirited Away has an anime style and Rocketbank ✕ Arcada had an pixel art animation to it

Spirited away has some similar shots to my animation, establishing shots.

SA TowerScreen Shot 2017-04-28 at 15.06.21

These two shots from my animation (right) and Spirited Away (Left) shows where this scene is taking place. This is called an establishing shots. The main difference that I did comparing my animation to Spirited Away shows that Spirited Away uses voices for their characters while I use no voices for my characters, only sounds from the environment. The process of making these two animations are different as well. I used Adobe Illustrator to make the characters, backgrounds, objects, etcs and Adobe After After used to make the key framed animation. Spirited away dose it by frame by frame drawn animation.

Rocketbank ✕ Arcada similarities show they stuck to a specific colour pallet, which is the same for my animation while Spirited Away uses a colour pallet which his various. The colours in my animation and Rocketbank ✕ Arcada show it uses basic colours with some shades. It is basic but can still show an animation in it. Rocketbank ✕ Arcada was made in Adobe Photoshop to make the pixel art and Adobe After Effects to animate. I did uses Photoshop for some of the assets in the animation but mainly Illustrator but I used Adobe After Effects to make all of the animation in which is the same on how  Rocketbank ✕ Arcada made their animation in.

Pixle art lighting 1Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 15.25.24

Feedback for final:

Feedback which I was giving for the animation, I need to improve on and practice on details, colour pallet and air perspective. Next time I will improve the details of the characters, object,etc by adding details like more small windows on the building, brick details,etc. By adding more detail this will make the animation have a more detailed animation style.

Next time I will improve the colour pallet by adding more advanced and in depth colours to the colour pallet which can be added to the animation. In the future I will include in my animation better areal perspective and will use different camera angles and view points to enhance the visual quality. That will enable me to create more realistic 3D atmosphere for my characters and would improve the overall visual style. In addition, I will pay more attention on the human proportions and the facial features of my characters in order to make them more realistic. For instance, thee eyes of my characters seem to be rotated 90 degrees giving the impression that they are high and too long.  My aim is to fix this problem next time.

-Class Feedback:

From feedback from my class, is shows that, it is at a good speed, the colours are appealing and how it is linked to hope is a good point for the animation. I would still improve on the pace as some parts of the animation people said it was too fast or too slow.

Graph 1

Graph 2

“I didn’t understand the flash back” “The presence of hope is not clearly indicated, with the sequence before birth being confusing”, some people didn’t understand the story of the hope which I agree on. The animation is a little bit confusing.  I will improve this next time I make a story for animation.

-Social Media Feedback:

Feedback I got from social media, Twitter and Facebook had very similar feedback! A third of the people from the social media feedback said that it was slow which is a bigger percentage than the class feedback but the same amount of people said it was a good speed.

Feed back social media 1Feed back social media 2Feed back social media 3

The feedback results are the same for question 3a about is the story linked to hope which shows majority of peopled like how it linked to hope. I will improve on the story as people suggested “Some kind of narration to explain the story would have helped a lot” as it “Didn’t make much sense”. I will make the story clearer next time make an animation with the story.


The animation which I made shows it is an animation me creating the assets from scratch and the process of key framing which makes each assets to do a action in time and to interact with the other assets in the animation. It was one of my first proper full animations