I made mood boards for my Hope animation assignment. I used these to expand on ideas and thoughts for the animation from story ideas to assest design ideas.

The first mood board was made for ideas and the meaning of hope. The mood board helped me to get ideas for how my animation will show hope,etc.

Hope moodbaord

The next mood board is looking at the composition and camera positioning in films. I looked at the three rule, golden spiral, etc. I looked at camera position in films which can be adapted to camera position in animation.

Video shots and compostions moodboard

I started to look at assets for the animation. I need to make trees so looked at different shaping of trees and see how I can get ideas to make my own vector trees from the mood board I made.

Tree moodboard

Next, I looked at hospital buildings to get inspirations on the hospital building I need to make from the mood board.

Hospital mood board

Made a mood board on pavements to show how each pavements have different texture and shades of grey. I got inspired to make my own pavements texture with the various colours from the mood board I made!

pavement moodboard

I looked at flowers to see their various shapes and colours. I also looked out their flower pots from the mood board.


Looked at different clock designs so I can create from the mood board by being inspired.

Clock moodboardNext, I looked at hospital bed as I need one for the mum character. I looked at various hospital bed designs.

hospital beds moodboard

I need a planet earth to use for one of the scenes. I looked at the shape of the countries,etc to used for my own vector versions.

Earth moodboard


Made a mood board on clouds. So I can get inspired to make vector clouds for the animation.

Cloud moodboard

Looked at grenades so I can get the colours and shape right for the vector grenade which I will need in one of the scenes.

Grenade moodboard

Looked at bared wires to make vector versions of the bared wire from taking inspiration from the mood board.

Bared Wire moodboard

A mood board on 90s/80s commercial ads. I need this to get inspired for one of the bad thoughts scenes which is in mums head in the animation.

80 90 advert mood board.png