Before I went digital I started development on paper by drawing various ideas on paper first and developing them more, then developing them digitally.

Here is the development for visual assets for the hope animation. These were created in Adobe Illustrator to get that basic shape vector style.

These are hospital beds. The main differences are the bed colours and the small metal poles under the bed.

Bed deblopment.png


These are flower in a pot. The main two developments is the flowers colours and  the flowers pot.

Flower pot development.png


This is the development on pavements. Main development is just shows different pavements with extra details.

Pathment development.png

Development for the 90s ad inspired scene. Testing out different colours and shapes.

90s ad scene assets development

Development on the monitor for the angles and design of it.

Baby monitro development

Development on various shaping for trees from the shape of the leaves and tree trunk.

Tree development

The development of the grey earth and testing the 3d effect in Adobe After Effects.

earth 3d world asset development

Development on shape, colours and design for the grenades for the small war scene in the animation.


Development on clouds by the shaping of clouds which I have made.

Cloud development

Development of the basic backgrounds and colours used.



Here is all of the final visual assets that I used for the animation. All of these were used in the animation for a use in each scene.

Asset sheet Hope animation.png

Theses were used in After Effects with the character assets. I will import them as a .psd or .png into after effects where I can use to animate with by the use of keyframes.