-Here is my written treatment for my Hope animation:

My animation will be about a Mum and Dad which they both hope their upcoming newborn baby will do good for the world. The Mum and Dad will go into the hospital, which they both will see a scan of their baby for the first time. The mum then get bad thoughts of how the world is a dark place and how they new born baby will act in the world. Then the mum sees her scan of the baby inside of her, which changes how she was feeling.

-Some information on how will the animation will be:

My animation will be, a 60 to 90 second animation which will show 3 scenes, an establishing scene, hospital room and Mum’s thoughts. The art style will be a 2D vector flat coloured style which will represent all of the animation. The colours which will be used in the animations will be represented in colour moods. The establishing scene and first hospital room scene will be both will be energetic colours. Then it will quickly change to cold/dark/bad colours like blue, greys,etc. Then it will switch to warm colours when mum sees the baby.

There would be movement but not much as it dose not need big actions due to there is not need but I will add a lot of animation movement details for each of the humans which are represented in the animation. For example I will look into slight movements and details like trying to animate the wind blowing while a person is holding a thin piece of paper in the air. Other animations I will add is the animation to the typography, transmissions and any effects to stylises the animation more.