Issue date 9/3/17

9/3/17 -Research:

-Mood boards on General 2D animation, Animation Visual style types and hope.

-Animation history timeline.

13/3/17 – Research and Ideas:

-Analyse and summaries an existing animation and talk about the techniques used.

-To get information from a book based on animations/art styles?

– Drawing out mind maps and Y graphs to generate ideas.

-Start a written treatment (script/plan of animation).

20/3/17 – Ideas, development and start to storyboard:

-Development for my main idea and other ideas for the animation.

-Finalise my idea for ‘A sense of Hope animation’.

-Using the text from the written treatment, start to create a storyboard.

27/3/17 – Storyboard and Animatic from storyboard. Get various feedback from Idea Storyboard and Animatic.  Preparing the animation assets:

-Finish the storyboard and then using the storyboard, create a animatic.

-Get feedback from the storyboard and animatic.

– Do a test screening of the animatic and get a written response of feedback for development for the storyboard and animatic.

-Start to prepare the animation assets.

3/4/17 – Start to animate:

-Start to animate using the animatic you created to get reference.

10/4/17 – Animate and Feedback:

-Continue animating and finish a draft of it.

-Do another test screening and get more feedback.

17/4/17 – Animate and evaluation:

-Do any development if possible to one of the final animation.

-Upload the final animation to Youtube and share via social media, asking for feedback.

-Start to write the evaluation for your work from assess how you crated you animation, comparing your animation to other professional produced animations work and to compare my research to my final product.

24/4/17 – Polish work up ready to hand in:

-Finish the Evaluation.

-Check all of your ‘Sense of Hope’ animation work from the animation to the written work to see if it is completed and if there is anything else to do.

Deadline:28/4/17 (Sense of Hope submission)

1/5/17- Research and Idea

-Research stop motion animation and techniques.

-Do research by a mood boards.

-Research the letter you been giving and define the word which I will use which is linked to the letter.

-Write a text treatment.

8/5/17- Idea and start to animate 

-Start to record pictures for the stop motion.

15/5/17- Finishing, add to evaluation.

-Upload the animation to Youtube and share via media to get feedback.

-Add that stop motion part of the project to the final evaluation.

Deadline:21/05/17 (Alphabet Animation Project)