I made a animation of a arm bending by using a plugin called DUIK. I made an animation where the arm and the hand reach for a box and picks it up and takes the box nearer in to the arm. The plugin uses a controller to move the whole arm while still making the joints they are bending like how a real life human bend his arms.


I made the arm with After Effects basic shapes with a  light blue colour. I made three of the blue round corners rectangles. One for the Arm, Forearm and the Hand.I created a controller for the arm and hand by going to the DUIK plugin menu and selecting the controller option then created.


You can always set the size, colour and the controller to do different animation. The animation options are on the left:


These options are rotational, X axis movement, Y axis movement and rescale. We are going to use all expect rescale.

When  I made the controller, I put  the controller where the hand joint to the forearm is.



Now select the components in this order: Hand,Forearm, Arm and Controller. Then go to Auto-Rig then to Front Leg / Arm.


A window should pop up. Make sure that 4 = Arm, 3 = Forearm and 2 = Hand. Then hit ok.


Your arm rig should now be connected and all can moved which is meant to recreate an arm animation from moving the controller.


Before we start adding keyframes I will be using a tool called shy guy which makes layers disappear but they are still active.


To enable shy guy and to enable layers to still shy when shy guy is on us by clicking the box:


The line with a semi circle mean when shy guy is on it will disappear while the other icon mean it will appear when shy guy is on. I will turn on the the controller and background layer on. To turn on shy guy just click this icon at the top of the keyframe menu.


Now at the bottom side bar we can start to add keyframes by moving and rotating the C_Hand which is the controller. I also used easy ease to make the animated movement more organic and more natural movement.



I made another grey rectangle shape so the arm can interact with it. The arm will be interacting with a rectangle which it will be picked up. I will animate the arm to go forward and reach for the rectangle and then the arm will take it back nearer to the left.

When I finished with the animations I exported out of After Effects into a .mov file type.