I looked into the definition and meaning behind the word hope, as my assignment brief said I need to make a 2D animation about the ‘sense of hope’. I looked at various meanings of the word from different websites.

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(2017) Hope Available at: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/hope (9 March 2017)

Hope meaning show the word hope has various meanings. Hope seems it has a more common meaning for ‘a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen’ or ‘want something to happen or be the case’.

A good example of hope in a movie, is most of the Star Wars Movies. I will be talking mainly about the newest Star Wars Rouge One as that movie was the most recent have I watched. The Rouge One team had hoped they could destroy  the enimes base. They were weak and were a very small team which were ageints the Sith with thousands of Strom Tropper’s protecting they goal, to get the Death Start blueprints files.

In the end of the movie they got the Death Start blue prints back to the Rebels base all thought the team were comminited. All of the team died from being shot or exploded from the planet.

Star Was movies show that the main character/characters had hope of defeating or achieving there goals in each of the movies.

On September 13th, it is international hope day. International hope day was made by Robert Indiana. One this day he covers the world with hope by displaying HOPE sculptures. People come to the sculptures to celebrate hope and full fill the artist vision.

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How hope is represented from International Hope Day shows he is determined to share his thoughts on hope and make a more promising future for everyone. “I want to cover the world with HOPE” -Robert Indiana, shows he wants share hope to everyone to show the different visions of hope from everyone. The sculpture he has created shows it is linked to hope but has details, for example the ‘O’ leans forwards. This shows us to look forward for a more more promoting of a better, more peaceful future.

To reflect on how Robert Indiana represents hope show he represents it openly from not making a narrow meaning for hope. He shows hope by everyone having a different meaning/reason for hope. Hope is also shown different by different people, different countries,etc. Robert Indiana did takes this in mind and displayed HOPE sculptures around the world. From Italy to Germany to New York, this shows how hope could be different for everyone else.

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