The development for logos shows the later versions were more experimental. I originally was going to get shapes for the first few versions first then add texture, add style and link it to the theme more by changing the main colours from colour to a metal texture to link it a more Victorian steampunk theme from my feedback it told me that people preferred the colourful logos more due them standing out more and can be recognized easier. The metal textured logos would of bit too much with the other metals colours which will make it harder to tell who’s logo is which teams.


From my research, I looked at existing logos and from the existing logos they all show they are basic. This is because it can be easily recognised to the viewers and they can remember it better. I made a more in depth development for the logos and made another batch to put more of my ideas down into digital versions. This time I put text for the names of each team with their logo behind. For all of the second development designs, I kept the same team colours without changing the tone. I experimented with the position of each of the logos and tried not to put all of the logo in, so it only shows a bit of the logo, as existing logos dose similar designs techniques. I tried this for most of my designs, on my second logo development.

logo-development-2From various developments, feedback and personal presences. I have chosen two logos to use for my final design. From each of the developments sheets. I have chosen the first rows on each of the developments sheets. Due to both logos being basic and colourful and can be remembered easier from the logos not being complexes which most of the logos from developments are complex due to the metal texture.