Here is the development for my Huds. This will show you my original ideas which were digitalised to my final digital product. For most of my work I used Adobe Photoshop for making the huds and textures. Used Adobe Illustrator for specific graphics, for example the clock hands and some template the logos were made in Illustrator. I used Adobe After Effects to animate in. To start, I will be showing the development of the speedometer:


From left to right, then downwards. We can see that I original I was going to do a bronze lighter metal colour texture but I found that I prefer the grey metal colour. I of improvied the huds face base texture by adding darker marks and shading to make it look more realistic. I found that design 3 (second row, left) had too much visible texture which roughed the dial. So I changed the opacity levels down. For one of my final designs, I decide to experiment and added clockworks behind  the dial. This is of because I wanted to add the clockwork gears to make it visual appealing which worked out better for my final one.



The map hud developments is one of the more basic developments of all of the other huds developments. The style of the map doesn’t change, it is more of the colours and how thick the strokes and lines are. I started with a basic black line which I traced using the pen tool in Photoshop when creating the map. Then I experimented with the colours inside the map route while I keeping the outline of the map always black. For the last development, I made the map more bigger by making the outline thicker. I personally didn’t like this version. My final designs was the light blue map due to my feedback saying it is more appealing and is brighter than the other and can be easier to see on the screen of the game.


The main part of the checkpoint icons development show that, through the development I changed the shape of it a lot. I had a lot of different ideas on what the shape and colour should be. The original idea was that I was going to use a blue circle as the icon for the checkpoints but then decide it was too basic, so developed more till it had a circle shape but now with a triangle point below it. It looks like a pin which is clever as we mark maps with points with pins. The final hud designs was the circle pin one (middle row on the right with the 3 rows area) as I found that would being the most unique and still looks interesting to look at.


I developed the player icon for the map hud. I developed various different idea arrows which are changed in a tryingly shape. I developed its colour, shape and its style from the effects like bevel and strokes. For some of the ideas I made a set of 3 which can represent each of the three teams. I decide to use one of the two coloured sets. From my feedback people liked the coloured arrows as well with the 3d bevel effects. So I decide to use my 8 versions idea of the development (all of the second last row).


The development of the start lights show that each of the versions got more detailed and realistic by adding more textures to the metals and shading. I started off with a normal rectangle then made the shape a metal texture. For my next development I made the main metal rectangle not as big. For my 4th development version, I added a clockwork gear to the starlight’s, similar to what I did for the speedometer but then removed again, although I added it back for my final version. Most of the feedback preferred most of the final versions of the start lights. I chosen the second last row on the right to be my final versions of the starlight’s.


Development for the fuel gauge shows  most of the changes is the effects, texture and shading. The first version of the fuel gauge shows the metal is quite basic and the fuel looks like one basic colour. So I added more texture to the fuel and added more shading and texture to the metal by using brushes. I added a glow effect to the fuel for my final deign. The effect is a light outer glow to show that the fuel is alive. My final version for the fuel gauge is the bottom right fuel gauge.


The development for the lap hud shows that the first versions was very basic, just a line of text but I developed it more by adding or changing the strokes, type size and type leading. With these features the lap hud has improved dramatically. I experimented with different gradient overlay effects from development version 5 to 7 but I decide with my feedback is easier to read one colour which can be appeared. So I have chosen version 8 (bottom left) as my final design out of my developments.


I developed the position numbers huds. Colours, gradient colour overlays, strokes and leading for this development. The same as the lap hud. I wanted to make it the same as the lap hud, so decide to give it similar size, colours and stroke size.


My final hud development is the hud which directs your on the race track, called the direction arrow/way finder. The development shows that the shape and colours change is very similar with some specific changes. I started with just an arrow then changed it to have a light grey circle around it. The arrow changes in its fourth version but personal preferred the 4 pointed arrow shape. My final design version was the third design.