Date Issued: 12/01/17



I started to do mood boards for the assignment. I made a driving games and hud mood board,  steampunk themed mood board, old fashioned steampunk clothing and speed dials interface inside a car mood board.


Research, Ideas:

I made a timeline showing the development of hud graphics and design. The timeline is based on the video game series called ‘Need For Speed’. The timeline shows games from 1994 to 2015 which shows improvements of the hud. I also analyse in depth the huds which  were used in the 2015 game: ‘Need for Speed’. I described their style, graphics and layout on the screen for more further research.

I researched copyright and Intellectaul law and explained the idea of copyright in digital media.

I started to draw basic ideas for the project. Written ideas in a mind map and Y graph. I started to look at the three teams for my car driving game and made another mood board for racing team logos.



I started to make ideas for the three teams for their style, design, colours and naming the teams by making a new mood board, mind map and then using adobe kuler to get different colours to use for the logos. I sketched out the team members, outfits and basic logos. I draw the team members clothes and style a old fashioned/steam punk style.



I draw the team members digitally by scanning the paper drawings from the scanner. I started to make ideas for the logos from another mood board to show the colours used and shaping of each of the logos. I started to sketch out some ideas to show different ideas and variation for my final design.


Paper Design/Texture digital

I draw out ideas for my huds on how the design, style and information will be shown in the sim racing driving game would be like from ideas and developments. I started to design the graphics for the logos in photoshop as well started to make textures to test if I can make some metal texture which looks realistic. I also made some vintage clock face background white texture. I also got some brushed from online to use for the metal textures.


Digital Design/Feedback

Now, I started to change some of my ideas from paper to digital developments. I mainly used Adobe Photoshop for the composition of each of the huds and Adobe Illustrator for making some specific graphics, for example I made the clock handles in Illustrator to get more of a shape.I made the huds and variation of them, to got feedback from my family members to see which one is the most popular and if there is any improvements to be done. I will take he feedback to see which one I should use and if there is any improvements to do on each hud.



I continue making more huds and exporting them from .PSD filetypes and .PNG filetypes for the final. I started to do the composition of huds when in game and how they will show up from how big they are as well where they are placed so the player can see where they are and if they are easy to read. I will also get feedback from the composition for all of the huds. I started to animated each of the huds in after effects to represent my huds and how they will function and work in game. I started to write my evaluation to explain what I did for the project which is on my blog.


I polished up my book/blog, huds, teams information, animation information and written information. Ready to give in this week!

Finish design – DEADLINE!

DeadLine: 28/02/17