• Setting

The setting is set in London 19th century’s (1800-1900) to be more specific in Victorian times (1873 – 1901). The Victorians have improved their engineering work so know they can run vehicles by the use of engineering instead of horses and steam! Now it is time for the annual Great London race!

  • Strategy:

Three teams: Clockworks, Ruby and Top Hat are in a race where the player chooses one of the teams to race in London route map. They will need to race around the map for 3 laps and are trying to get into the first place position. Around the map there will be turnings and long distance roads where the player will need to drive in. The cars are electric based with a fuel gauge run by electricity. The player will need to find electric refill station around the map to avoid their car running out of the electricity fuel. The cars go faster if you use more electricity but the electric fuel will decreases quicker.

  • Payoff:

How the player can win, simply crossing the finishing line after 3 laps by being skilled to be faster than the other players by turning around the corners at the right time and the use of managing electricity fuel to your advantage you can refill and use it at speed boost to get past your opponents.

  • Information Set:

Most of the huds will be permit. The huds will need to be their for all of the game giving the information to player for what position they are in, the direction they need to go, the map, etc.  Most huds would be on the side so the player can see the main gameplay but should be able to see the information from the huds still. The hud which may be a action hud and only appears at the start of the game are the start lights. These are action huds due an event triggers to make the hud come down at the start of the game. The start light does not need to be their for the whole game.

The theme/graphics of the Huds will have a steampunk theming although the cars are not running on steam so would be more a electric punk theme! I am basing the graphics on metals, clockworks, old fashioned clocks to have that Victorian futuristic feel to the game.  Most of the huds can have simple looped animations to show life in the huds and make them look visually appealing. For example I could add some spinning clockworks behind the starting lights and speedometer huds to show they are running on clockworks to power them up. For more advanced animation it would be the dials on the speedometer as well as the lighting for the starting lights.