Risks: Dangers: Prevent:
-Water left near the computer.

-Loose wires.

-Busy workflow on desk.

-Overheated computer if left on for long times.

-Low lighting/dark rooms.

-Water when spilled may damage the computer and you from water being a bad mix.

-Loose wires can cause trip hazards which you can trip over.

-If have a busy workflow on you desk with a non organized table this can lead to hurting yourself by items falling onto your feet.

– An overheated computer can lead to small risks for the computer to start to burn.

-Can make the human eyes strain and can damage the eyes if you work on the computer in a dark room.

-By removing any water unsealed away from your desk. Make sure you have a sealed bottle for any drinks.

-Organize the wires and make sure their are no loose wires under your desk.

-Organize the stuff you have on your desks like books and pencils in one neat pile away from the medium sized radius from your mouses.

– Always check if the fan is working inside the computer, if can from the tower. Make sure you turn the whole computer of after working on it.

-Check how dark it is in the room and turn the lights on if too dark while working on computer.