Here are my main two final loops which are Speed which is the 1:30 min loop and Slow being my 2:00 min loop.

I also made visuals for both of the songs.

I like the two sound tracks from the two being similar but different at the same by one of them being faster than the other one while it has some changes to it from echoes, reverb, etc.  I prefer the speed music compared to slow as it fits in with high speed racing and could fit in a sim racing driving game.

I used Garage Band and Audacity to make the music. I used Garage Band for to compose and start from scratch to make the components then I exported and the I imported into Audacity to effect the music like echoes, pitch, etc. I made the visuals in after effects for an bonus.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 09.50.20.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 09.29.33.png

From my feedback and overall people and I liked the Speed compared to Slow. This is mainly because Speed is a fast song which can fit with a racing driving game, as for most driving games you go at fast speeds to win the race. I like my work and my final audio loops, as it is good and can be imagined the audio to be in a sim racing driving video game.