Here are my mood boards for hud deign for the racing sim game.

I first looked at existing driving sim games general by that being my first mood board.



I looked at various driving games which are sim and non sim driving games to show the variations of graphics and hud design for each of the games. This will give me ideas to create my own designs.

Next I looked at car dashboards:


This mood board is for me to see the different types of dashboards to inspire me to use ideas and the visuals and shaping for my hud visuals and design.

A mood board that I made was the theming for the actual game which will be linked to the theming of the huds.


I was looking and steampunk which is a theme that uses modern day things but uses materials and old fashioned ways to power up items. I will be adapting the theming from steampunk to electric punk due that the cars from the assignment said they need to be run on electricity.

Next I looked at steampunk theme outfits which gave me some ideas for outfits for each of the teams!


This mood board gave me ideas for the variation of steampunk clothes! It is also expanded the steam punk theme ideas for the theme for the sim racing game!

Next I looked at racing team logos:


I looked and made a mood board for racing team logos and that will give me ideas and inspiration! Most of the logos on my mood board they are basic in colours and shape. The basicness of logos show it is easier to remember and to read. I will be using this idea on basic logos to create my own for my racing sim game team logos.

Next I looked at clock handles:


The mood board shows various and different shapes of clock handles. I got inspired from the shaping of each of the unique clock handles and used it for ideas and development of the hands on the speedometer dial.

I started to look at huds by using mood boards:


The different types of dials and speedometer from cars and existing huds in racing games shows that they have similar format but each of them having different graphics as in style. I will be using these to make ideas for my speedometer hud. The most inspiring speedometer hud is the bottom left, Need For Speed speedometer hud.

I will now look into map huds:

map-hud-moodboardThe different and unique map hud form various games show they represent maps in all different kinds of ways. Some of the maps are zoomed in while some show the whole map in the hud. The most inspiring hud is the Mario kart map hud (top left).

Will now look into starlight’s/countdown huds:

start-lights-moodboardThe start lights huds form various driving games show that there are different ways to indicate when the race will start. Some shows they have countdown and some other have star lights to show the start of the race. All of these will inspire me to experiment with the start lights hud.

The last mood board is the lap and position hud:


Different games are all very similar for showing the position hud expect for Mario kart position hud. Most other position huds show they are very similar by using different colours and different font types. The lap hud is also the same mainly being different fonts or colours. The most inspiring hud for Laps is the dirt 3 hud (top left, “Lap 1/8”). The most inspiring position hud is the Mario Karts hud (bottom right “1st, 2nd and 3rd).