I will be analysing an existing driving game called Need for Speed.

Need For Speed (2015):

Genre: Racing

Publishers: Electronic arts

On what platform: Xbox, Playstation and Microsoft windows.

Date Release: November 3, 2015 (Xbox, Playstation 2015 and Microsoft Windows in 2016)

Developer: Ghost Games

The game was an reboot from the game series which was originally called ‘The Need For Speed’ (1994). The Need for Speed series has 18 man series game titles plus another one which is in the development right now.

Need for Speed 2015 Gameplay shows it is a a driving games with different modes. It has a racing mode, drifting mode,etc. The mode and set of Huds I will be looking at is the racing mode.


Need for speed gameplay.png

Here is an screenshot from a gameplay shot in Need For Speed. It has many different huds to show information when playing the game. The main ones are: the map, Meter, MPH, Nitrous, Pos 3/7, Time and some other tiny huds. All of the huds are placed on the side of the screen and non are in the middle so you can still see the gameplay. The huds are not too big or small. Enough you can see them as well not being too big and dose not take up a half of the screen.


The screenshot with the lines show the composition/placement of the huds. It shows that the huds lined up from each other. The bottom horizontal line show that the MPH “MPH 71”, Map distance “0.57 mi” and “Demo ends in 16:55” huds are line up by being on or next to the line. The top horizontal line also shows this. By the Drifting hud being in linked with the timer hud. The vertical lines on the right show that the speed o meter, MPH, Timer, “Pos 3/7” huds fit together by them lining up on the right side of the game screen.


The Huds in the right bottom conner show that there are three main huds in the area. The Speed meter, MPH and Nitrous. The Speed meter tells you how much speed you are going at and shows this like an real life speed meter which can be found in a car. When going fast the arrow will increases from 0 to 10 to show how much speed the engine is going at. This Hud is an permit hud as it stays always on the screen. The speed meter graphics show it a modern realistic smart look to it which has a glowing effect due to the map route being in the night. The meter is using a modern straight text. The MPH hud shows how many miles per hour the car is going at. It changes when the car picks up speed in the game. The hud has same graphics style but now is using an digital clock which you can find on digital clocks, etc. It is a box as a screen to place the digital clock font up. The MPH Hud is permeant. The Nitrous hud which is the smaller dial next to the Speed meter. Shows it is using the same text and graphics as the speed meter. Nitrous hud shows how much speed boast you have left when activated. The Nitrous hud is a permeant hud.


These are another set of huds which gives more detail on scores and drifting. This Huds is special for this game. Rep means Reputation. Reputations is gained when you do specific things when driving in Need For Speed. Things you can do to build up reputations is by Reaching top speed, Perform a 360° donut, Match speed to that of nearby drivers and many more.


The hud in the left bottom is a permit map hud. This hud is used in game to show where are you on the roads your are driving on.  The graphics are similar to the other huds. It has a middle glow. The text font uses the same from the other scoring/drifting hud.

These huds used in need for speed are clear to understand and don’t overwhelm the player. The infomation from the huds are linked to the themeing of the game from its graphics. The infomation is useful for the player to use to progress through the game. Overall, the huds are good for what the game is. I will be using features and will be taking inspriation from Need For Speeds huds layout, colours, theme, etc to use for my own project.