Elephant.pngMy first task was to draw elephants by only using one layer in Adobe Photoshop. The tools that I used were the brush tool, paint bucket tool and gradient tool. The shortcut keys for each of the tools are: the B key for the brush and G key both for the gradient and bucket tools.

Before I drawn the elephants. I done a gradient background by selecting two colours which were green and blue. I selected both of theses to create the faded in and out gradient to make a bight coloured background.

For the brush tool I used the more in-depth menu for the brush which can be enabled by going to windows > brush and brush present. This will give you information on the brush settings from the hardness, stroke, texture, size,etc. The brush settings are used for various brush techniques and styles. I used this to help me draw the elephants.

I used the bucket tool to fill the elephants outline when I draw the outline first. I selected different colours and different opacity levels to make the elephants. When finished the elephant I saved as .psd and named it elephant in organized folders. Then exported as a png file type.