Design 3 Version 1:


My the main features  is of the Gherkin made in adobe Illustrator then composing the poster in Photoshop.

Design 3 Version 2:


Version two, the main thing I changed was moving the date text downwards on the poster. This was more a test to see if it looked smarter and the title and date spread out more.

Design 3 Version 3:


I changed back the date text and put it under the title. I changed the Gherkin towers to make them have a glowing effect. I did this by double clicking onto each layer which I wanted to the effect to happen to enable outside glow and then change the spread, size, colour, etc to make it glow.

Design 3 Version 4:


I experimented by using the three main colours which where green, light blue and dark blue by changing the colours of text to each of the colours. I changed ‘London’ to  dark blue, ‘Festival’ to light blue and ‘Architecture’ to green. I left ‘of’ and the date white.

Design 3 Version 5:


I completely changed the layout and positioning for this version. I swapped the Gherkin and title around, so the title in now at the top right not the left and the Gherkin left rather than right. I only used 1 out of the 3 Gherkin layers which was the blue Gherkin. I reformatted the text so the title show there is a word on every line which overlaps from ‘London’ being the furthest back  and ‘Architecture’ being at the front. I moved down the date again.

Design 3 Version 6:


I changed the Title to make it bigger so it is easier to read then changed all of the colour of the title from various colours to white again. I added more line spacing for the title which overlaps the Gherkin the blue and white makes it hard to read due that both are quite saturated. I moved the date to the top right cornier.

Design 3 Version 7:


I experimented again and moved the blue Gherkin from the left side to centre middle which breaks the layout of the pulled poster using rule of three. I preferred the title and date being at the top so I put the title on the left and date on the right around the Gherkin. I made the title colour light blue and the date colour dark blue. The titles colour didn’t make it pop out as much from the single Gherkin being the same colour.

Design 3 Version 8:

Poster Desing 3 Ver 10.png

For version 8, I changed a lot from version 7 by taking parts of the previous version and putting them together. I used versions 5 Gherkin which show it is on the left not showing all of the tower. I was inspired to use version 5 colours and title overlapping. I made the title and date bigger which makes it easier  to read when the poster is up on a wall. I made a thin black line for the text so it doesn’t look like it blends into each of the letters. I made a shadow for both the text and title by making copies and turning down the opacity which is moved a little to the side. I redone the Gherkin shapes and re added the green and dark blue Gherkins. I made each of the Gherkins moved slightly to the side by each of the further down layers progressively goes to the left which with the glows makes a neo light aesthetic. I moved the logo from bottom left to bottom right due that it had too much space which overlapped the Gherkin.

Design 3 Version 9:

Poster Desing 3 Ver 11.png

The only main change for this version is that I added three gradients. All three gradients where green, light blue and dark blue to black with the colours coming from the bottom to black at the top. The gradients opacity where only at 10% for each of them which makes a mixed colour which looked nice overall.

Design 3 Version 10:

Poster Desing 3 Ver 12.png

The two changed I did for this version were the rescale down for the logo as the logo doesn’t need to be the main focus point for the poster only needs to be seen if the viewer wants to know more about the poster. I added a pink outline for ‘Architecture’ to resemble the colour for the logo title using the same colour as the logos colour, pink.

Design 3 Version 11:

Poster Desing 3 Ver 14.png

I moved the Gherkin more to the right as it fits well and fills more space of the poster. The poster can be indtefied more easier with which building it is the Gherkin. I have moved the title’s shadow from the right ro the left. I done this because it fixed the lighting should be placed as the Gherkins lighting was right to left indercated by the shadow being on the left side.

Design 3 Version 12:

Poster Desing 3 Ver 15.png

For my main final poster design I changed and polished some of the feature for the poster. I fixed shadow to the Gherkin towers to make the shadow more closer to the Gherkin which show it is quite similar to the titles one as the titles shadow is nearer. I changed the colours of ‘1st -30th’ and ‘2017’ to dark blue and light blue to make it have a more colourful and attracting title colours. I left ‘of’ and ‘June’ white to make each of the words have variations. I made the title have a similar colour pattern, like a sandwich pattern if we don’t count the whites.