Here is the development for poster design 2:

Design 2 Version 1:

I made the original and first poster design which I settled the layout of where the shapes, text, logo and title should go. I made the texts linked to the colours by squares shapes which are next to the text, bleed into the shapes to create effect.

Design 2 Version 2:


I changed the most plain flat colours squares by changing the texture from flat to a brick texture by creating by Illustrator and Photoshop by making the texture in Illustrator then defining it as a pattern in Photoshop. I left the title and logos squares a plain flat colour so it is easier to read. I made the background white to see if it fits with the brick texture blocks.

Design 2 Version 3:

Poster Desing 2 Ver 3.png

This time, I have changed the white background to a black ground to see the variations of colours and see if it fits with the brick pattern.

Design 2 Version 3: 

Poster Desing 2 Ver 5.png

I changed the fronts to see variations of fonts and to see if I prefer any other fronts to use for the poster.

Design 2 Version 4:

Poster Desing 2 Ver 6.png

I changed all of the text back to Poplar std font as I preferred that font rahter than the other fronts I used in version 3. I tested out letter linking to see if words below and above can fit together by using line spacing and movements of texts.

Design 2 Version 5:

Poster Desing 2 Ver 10.png

I didn’t like where the title movement was going, so I made a more basic version of the text which aligns with the bricks which made it smarter. I stuck with one main colour which was light blue for the title which made it easier to read. I replaced some of the brick texture blocks with a non texture plain colour which makes the poster have more variation and the brick patterns is still used but not overused to make it look reparative for the poster.