poster-desing-3-ver-16The ideas and meaning which I used to create my final  architecture poster design shows that I have used existing posters, text and buildings to show and communicate my ideas and meaning. The original idea was the London’s Gherkin buildings which has famous structure and architecture. I expanded this idea by having parts of my mood board for the Gherkin buildings which shows that I have some ideas and knowledge on what to make my poster based on and inspired me.

I looked at existing posters to make help me get inspiring ideas for my final poster design. I looked at various artist who made posters like Paul Rand, Bauhaus and many more. Paul Rand was the artists which inspired the best to make ideas from his artwork being basic with simple colours which reflects on me as I used basic similar colours.

The colours that I used show that I used bright colours which contrasts well with the black background. I have chosen the colours to use, then used Adobe Kluer to create some similar to see if the colours fit well together. I tested out many different colours which are different types of anlogs to commentary colours.

I used different materials to show how I show and tell my ideas. I used various art techniques to communicate my ideas and how I made the ideas. I used paints to show one of my ideas, which was the Gherkin by drawing the Gherkin out on A4, then painting in many tints and shades of blue to show my idea of using the Gherkin as one of my poster designs which was early in development. I also shown other dimensions for the Gherkin idea. I used sketches, lined drawings and paper collages  to express my ideas which tells and show other dimension for my ideas.

I used colouring drawings, pencils and a paper collage for the colourful brick block poster design 2. I made drawings and line art for the building layered poster design 1. I also made a ripped building paper collage by ripping out buildings from printed picture to make a  new style and aesthetic.

I shown and communicated that I made different versions of ideas and versions of ideas to show the differences I can make and show I can use various features from some version of a design and add them in later. For example  for my final design, I used the overlapped feature for the title from a previous poster design versions which I liked earlier so I re added it to my final one.