This my poster development for design 1:

The order of the posters shows that the top ones are the early design for the posters developments and the ones at the bottom of the post are the near to finish/final versions of the design.

Design 1, Version 1:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 1.png

For my first design I started just placing the the components together to see if they all fit together. I made a blue shaded gradient background, using the gradient tool in Adobe Photoshop.I made the shapes of the famous London buildings in Adobe Illustrator by using the point, shapes and anchor tool to make straight lines and curved lines for each shape.


I got the logo from online and placed it with the black text which uses Poplar STD and Bauhaus 93.

Design 1, Version 2:


This time I developed the background and logo. I changed the gradient background from dark blue to light blue just to light blue this time, as it is more basic and pleasing to the eye. I changed the logo from pink to blue to make it blend with the background but then it would be too hard to see as it logo won’t be as noticed as much if it was pink. I moved the “London Festival of Architecture 2017” From the right side to the left side at the middle left area, so it is right next to one of the towers.

Design 1, Version 3:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 2.png

I added outlines to the shape buildings so they stand more out and easier to tell what buildings is switch. I moved and changed the font text to make all the text Bauhaus 93 for the date changed the title to Braggadocio. The title was moved to the top left conner with less line spacing for the type. I made the gap between ‘Architecture’ and ‘2017’ so the shard can go through it to see how it looked.

Design 1, Version 4:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 4.png

The two main changes one the black colour for the text has changed from black to grey. The outlines are now thiner compared to the previous version for this poster before where it uses thicker outlines.


Design 1, Version 5:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 6.png

I added outlines to the text to see if it contrasts from the background and dose’t blend in to the background from its brightness. I made a build of the thickness of the outlines. The nearest outlines get a thicker outline by being the on top of all of the other layers. The layers which where under most of the other layers gets thinner outline.


Design 1, Version 6:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 7.png

This version for poster design 1, I have added a shadow effect by doubleclicking for each of the layers then enabling the shadow effect and adpating the option.


I added it to all of the buildings and the logo.

Design 1, Version 7:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 8.png

I changed the style of the shadow to be more flat and sharp which fits with the buildings shapes. I done this by selecting all the buildings layers by using the cmd key. Then made a mask layer with a black background. I inversed the select the and turned down the opacity. I moved the mask layer slightly to right, which creates a flat shadow.

Design 1, Version 8:

Buildding posters collage desing 1 ver 12.png

The final version shows that I changed the colour of the all texts to the logos colour which is pink. I changed the titles text from Braggadocio to Rockwell. I used the flat sharp shadow rather than the feathered more realistic shadow.