Paul Klee paints abstract paintings by shapes and colours to show how the art can be applied to people and their feelings by using different colours. His most famous artworks is: In the Style Of Kairouan, Red Balloon, Senecio and many more. This is due to the colours and shaping in the artwork to tell a meaning use. He us mainly oil transfers and painting techniques to make his work.

1914 Paul Klee created his first abstract artwork, called “In the Style of Kairouan”.


This shows his iconic signature of style using specific shaping and colours to the artwork which can create a colour harmony like a musical composition. The painting can reflect the music as another type of art not for yours eyes which uses another sensory for art.

Paul Klees more squared board style of artwork like  “magic squares” he uses monochromatic, light and dark values. Paul Klee uses the magic squares to explore movement, visual weight and rhythm through the use of colours and shapes.


This Paul Klee artwork here shows that he is using shades and tints for most colours showing that it gets darker from bright to dark by the middle to the edges of the artwork. What is different to two of the colours on here is the white and blue which are different to all of the colours. These unusual colours are in the middle which by looking at the blue and whites show the saturation is higher compared to the saturation to the the other colours. This might draw the viewer’s eye into the middle of the artwork is where most of the colours and painting is happening compared to the edges.

You can also see that some of the squares  like the brighter greens have different textures compared to the flat other squares. Once again this is to draw the eyes to the middle of painting.

From the magic squares painting we can explain the moods of the colours for example blue is carm, peaceful while red is energy and exciting.

In the magic squares painting we can see that green, blue, yellow and white are being used.

Green is harmony, stability. Blue is carm and peaceful. Yellow is happiness and positively. Finally white is purity and simplicity. All of these feelings described the ideas for the painting by how simplistic it is to show how calm the painting is by just using simple shaping and colours to show an abstract artwork.

Most of the colours and moods which are linked to colours shows that Paul Klee likes using the colours as he uses the same colours and similar shaping in most of his work.

“Color has taken possession of me; no longer do I have to chase after it, I know that it has hold of me forever. That is the significance of this blessed moment. Color and I are one. I am a painter.”  – Paul Klee