Week 1:


I have done research on my poster designs by making mood boards and analysing existing posters. I researched the processes of print by making a timeline.

Week 2:


I made a mind map and Y-graph for research and ideas. I started to sketch ideas in my book and started to show different ideas by making paper collages, painting, etc.

Week 3:


I borrowed a book for researching typography. Continued to sketch out more drawings for the layouts for each poster by making small thumbnails and bigger poster drawings to show variations and different ideas for poster composition.

Week 4:


I drawn more in my sketch book also done some painting and other techniques for art to show the variations of arts styles. Started to make digital posters and variations of posters for poster design 1.

Week 5:


I continued making poster design 1 and then 2. Developed and made different versions for my posters by changing specific things in the poster to improved and experiment. I started to get feedback from poster design 1 and 2.

Week 6:


I made my final poster design 3 and polished the other two posters. I collected feedback on design 3 and decide that poster design 3 will be my main final poster. Added and developed more it more and started to write up  my evaluation.

Week 7:


Finished all my three posters and finished writing up evaluation, etc. Neaten my sketchbook up. Checked if I done everything from the assignment brief. Finished up myblog typing work. Handed the sketch book and printed A3 poster in to mark it.

Dead Line: 13/12/16