Given out: 5/11/16

Due: 11/02/16

Week 1:


Got assignment brief and started to do research on video game music in general then talked about how audio effects in sim driving games.

Week 2:


Done more research for existing games and digeitic and non-digetic music/sounds.

Week 3:


one research on other existing games audio which are just driving games not sim driving games. For example F-zero and Mario Kart.




Week 4:


I researched already made audio mixed in Sound Cloud. Then made some new tracks. Uploaded all my other audio from the previous audio from the other weeks. Uploaded them as .mp3s onto Soundcloud.

Week 9:


I looked at existing Garage Band projects which I will take inspiration from and will use some of my of their skill for my final project. Started to make my final audio loops in garage band.

Week 10:


I made a good loop in garage band and imported into audacity yo add effects and adjust it by a bit. I made both of my two racing sim driving game audio loops. I made some basic visuals for it and exported and imported from audacity to Soundcloud/youtube.

Week 11:


I started to show my audio work to get feedback as well started to practice to represent the audio tracks to show it is my work. I written my evaluations about my work and tell what is good about it and how can I improve on it.

Week 12:


I finished my work, polished and evaluated my work. I done a small presentation to show on how did I do my work. Then I handed in my work via this blog by uploading all my sounds/music which I created to lead to my final project work.

Give in date: 11/2/17.