Super Mario Kart (1992):


The original Mario kart has basic huds. Super Mario Kart is in the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment system)  It had huds for time, items, coins and what place you are in. All of these are permeant huds which stay for all of the gameplay. Their is an action hud at the start of the game. Where a character  called “lakitu” comes with a light indicating when the karts can go. This is an action hud from it is activated at the start of the game and after, it disappears. The map is at the bottom which takes half of the screen to show players on the circuit but when 2 player it dose not even show a map. The map if playing single player can be confusing due from how big it is as well from its colour which blends in with the upper screen. The time and which places huds will be in all of the Mario kart games which is set in stone from the first game.

Mario Kart 64  (1996):


The sequel to Super Mario Kart, is called Mario Kart 64 which uses 64 bit visuals and 3D models. It also adds the feature for 4 players. The game came out on Nintendo 64. The huds like the time, items are back. The map of the circuit has improved and changed a lot. This time the map is show smaller and by using one colour to indicate the route of the map. The map hud has improved by making it a bit transparent which is smaller so it is more pleasing to the eye. Their is an new hud on the left to show the position of each of the player characters. This adds more visuals to the screen but not overflowing it as the character huds are transparent so it blends in to the actual gameplay. Another new hud is the lap hud which tells you what lap you are on. This is an permeant hud as it is in all of the gameplay.  Their are position changes for huds from this game to Super Mario Kart.The placed you are at added the words “th, st” to give more detail on what is the purpose of that hud if you are new to the game. The place number hud has moved  from right middle to bottom left. The coin hud has been removed due that Mario Kart 64 dose not have any coin collecting features in the game.The item hud has been moved to the top middle while the time hud has not been moved.

Mario Kart super circuit (2001):


The next Mario kart game has downgrades, back to 2D and similar graphics to Super Mario Kart. This is because due to handhelds limitations it can not produce 3d  at the time which the gameboy advance was made. Mario Kart Super Circuit was the next title after Mario kart 64 on the gameboy advance which was the third generation of handhelds (after gameboy/gameboy colour). With the reduced tech for the handheld it still gave improvements to the game. This time the game was 32 bit compared to the 16 bit from Super Mario Kart. Mario Kart Super Circuit added more huds to the game. Mario Kart Super Circuit has a new action had to show where to turn at a turn on the circuit. The action hud appears at the middle over the character you are driving as. It gets removed after you turned the way. All of the huds from Mario Kart 64 are back in the same position. The coin hud for collecting coins is back which moved the character boxes downwards by a bit. The graphics of the huds have improved slightly if we comparing to Super Mario Kart not Mario Kart 64 due Mario Kart Circuit is 2d not 3d.

Mario Kart double dash (2003):


Mario Kart double dash is the next game after Mario Kart Super Circuit. Mario Kart double dash was a very experimental game by adding many features to the game which were new and some features were exclusive to this game. Mario Kart double dash was on the gamecube.  It’s huds where changed a lot. The number which said where were you in the game was moved from bottom left to top left. The lap hud was moved from the top to bottom left. The coin hud was removed once again. The item box was moved next to the position number on the left. The time hud has been in the same position since the original game. The position character hud has been developed to be used for the unique feature to this game which is having two players/characters in one kart. The hud is developed so the hud shows who is driving and who is in control with the items.  You can see that the player who is over layered with the the character. For example you can see that Mario is highlighted on top of the hud to show he is the one in control with items.  Peach is driving the car from the hud telling that she is driving from the shaded picture while she is behind.

Mario Kart DS (2005):


Mario Kart DS was made in 2005. The DS was Nintedo’s next handheld line from after the gameboy advance.  The DS is different from their previous handhelds due it now has two screens. Mario Kart DS uses this function to separate the huds to show some huds on the top and the bottom screen. On the top screen we can see that the race position number has been moved from top left to bottom left while the item box hud has been moved more to the left. The laps hud show it was bottom left but now has moved on the opposite side, top right. On the bottom screen, the map huds has been changed. It is now not a light small map. The map hud uses colours and show a big map which is a permeant hud. The character hud position also has been moved to the bottom screen which isn’t as complexed as double dash’s character hud as they have removed the two player in one kart feature. This time the hud shows more than 4 players. The hud has been expanded to show 8 players which is the maximum players you can get in one game of Mario Kart DS. The time is on the top right conner of the bottom screen.

Mario Kart Arcade DP (2005):


The first Mario Kart game to be made for the arcade. From support by Namco who helped make the Mario Kart brand, their will be differences if some other people have helped making the arcade version. Comparing the arcade to double dash. You will see that maps was moved from right to left while the position of race position number hud has not been moved but has adapted to say “5th/6” place while it is usually “5th” place. Mario Kart arcade DP has reintroduced the coin feature which we can see by the hud in the left conner. The lap hud has been moved from bottom left (Double Dash) to the top left, under the racing position hud. Mario Kart Arcade DP has added some new huds. A new hud is to show if their are any characters behind you which you can see in the picture from the bottom we can see Peach in a box pointing downwards which indicates that the racer is near you kart. This hud is an action hud due you need to start the action by going near another racer behind you. There are other huds which indicate how much time you have left till you need to add credit into the arcade machine. There are two other huds for how much time you taken to do a lap as well with total time telling how much time you have raced though the circuit laps. The item box hud has moved from the top of the screen to the side of the screen, under the laps hud.

Mario Kart Arcade DP 2 (2007):


The sequel to Mario Kart Arcade Dp comes in 2007 which is called Mario Kart Arcade DP 3. From improvements from the last games huds to shows that is has improved. The coins hud has been moved from left bottom to right bottom. In addition they added a speed meter under the coins hud. The other huds from Mario Kart Arcade DP have been swapped around although not counting item box hud as they has moved slightly from semi-middle left to top left next to the time hud from Mario Kart DP hud. The characters behind you hud have changed colour from light grey to a red colour for the borders. The race position number hud from Mario Kart DP which was “5th/6” place has been changed to its original version which is just “5th” place. The map hud has changed, it is now zoomed in which doesn’t show the whole circuit, only the part you are in.

Mario Kart wii (2008):


The next big home console Mario kart is Mario kart wii in 2008. Mario Kart uses lot of the hud positions from Mario kart DS but only on one screen. It removed the map from Mario kart DS and makes it the smaller transparent grey again which is in the right bottom conner which is bigger than any other map hud which uses the graphics of the transparent grey maps. The item box hud is still in the same place from Mario Kart DS. The time and laps huds are now in the same are which are top right, on top of the map hud.

Mario kart 7 (2011):


The next handheld Mario Kart is Mario kart 7 for the 3DS in 2011. Once again the 3DS uses two screens which will uses similar hud format to Mario Kart DS. The character hud is still in the same place but has been improved from now showing which player has which item when collected. The map is the same from the DS version but has been upgraded to make it less pixelated and graphically nicer. The position huds  has been moved to top right conner from Mario kart wii and Mario Kart DS. The time hud has been completely removed while playing the game.The bottom screen has moved the laps to the top right and additional added coins hud to show how many coins you have. The coins feature has returned since Mario Kart super circuit which has been 10 years since the coin feature has been returned (Not including arcade versions).

Mario Kart Arcade DP GX (2013):


Another Mario Kart Arcade was made in 2013 which was called Mario Kart GX. Their are some tiny changes to the huds. While the map, time, laps and race positions huds haven’t moved only have resized. The total time and lap time has been removed due it was getting complexed which time was the time you needed to look at. The item box hud is now on the top middle of the screen. The borders for the player behind you hud have changed to many different colours to identify what colour is which player from last time the borders were red.

Mario Kart 8 (2014):


Mario Kart 8 the most latest game for the Mario Kart series which is on the console, WiiU show that the huds are on the main screen but some are moved to the gamepad screen. Depending if you are playing single player or multiplayer the map hud will show differently. The map hud in single player will show on the wiiu gamepad but in multiplayer it will be shown on the main screen due to wiiu’s only having one gamepad screen for each console which will make it easier in multiplayer to see the map by anyone. The maps hud can also be change to disable and enable the map. The position hud show that is has been moved once again to the bottom right with coins hud and laps hud on the bottom left.

Mario Kart switch (Untitled name) (2017):


The next Mario Kart game which is coming on Nintendo’s next console, called the Nintendo Switch. Shows and rumours that a new Mario kart game is coming onto the Nintedo Switch but it might be a port of Mario Kart 8. With some gameplay in the trailer of Nintendo Switch we see that it is similar to Mario Kart 8 but the item box hud has changed from speculation. Now it looks like the item hud can hold up to two items instead of the one item from most other previous Mario kart games. From looking at the picture there dose’t seem to be any other changes for now.

The huds from all of the Mario Kart show that they have all developed and improved from what console, handheld or arcade it is on. The huds apart if there are two screens for the console. Huds have changed if they are special mechanics for example like double dash. Over time we see a graphical change from limiting 8 bit graphics to outstanding modern HD graphic which improved the visuals/graphics for the huds as well. They improvements of the hud formats and purpose has helped for a more simple hud format from every upcoming game towards Mario Kart 8!