Our assessment takes one and half minutes. We also need to make another loop which goes on  for two minutes long. The music must link the visuals to the game.

Racing game audio in general is various through many different games. It sometimes is fast due to that you recognise you are fact in a racing car or sometimes just have some music which is modern/electronic in the background. Some soundtracks build up in audio which makes you interested while playing.

A sim driving game uses diegetic and some non-diegetic sounds/music to add more flavour/atmosphere into the game. This can be applied to any game as sound and is one of the main feature for a game. By adding sounds into a game it creates atmosphere by adding detail to the actions you are doing in the game. Without diegetic/non-diegetic sounds it makes the game dull as their are no sounds, it would be complete silence.

Non-diegetic sounds mainly add the mood to the game as they can add music which is related to the game in a level to make that level more recognisable. This makes people recognise the music more if the music is catchy/good in the game people will remember it. This can also happen on a radio in a car. Someone hears some catchy music and then can recognise it from the collection of songs. Marketing is involved with music as if the music is catchy and memorable, ads, movies and sometimes games will use it so the consumer will remember the music and might get them interested with the product.

Non sim driving games are more likely to have more non-diegetic than sim driving  games due they are not as realistic games. Non driving sim games examples are: mario kart, F-zero,etc. These games have very memorable soundtracks. For example F-zero has a non-diegetic piece called Big Blue. It is memorable to all who have heard it before. Both F-zero and Mario Kart has non-diegetic and diegetic sounds which adds to the game. F-zeros original music still holds up to date from the

I will be research music from existing driving sim games which will be Dirt 3 and Need For Speed I will be comparing both to see similarities and differences:

Existing driving sim games:

-Dirt 3:

From this game their is no background music, only diegetic sounds from the game environment and the car engine. You can hear only diegetic sounds from this gameplay video:

Diegetic sounds in Dirt 3 are from the sounds of the car engine, road surface sound effects when the car is driving, people cheering,etc. There is no non-diegetic music which isn’t a bad thing. Dirt 3 uses sound effects which are diegetic which makes the the game still have audio as there is always a sound effect playing in the background.

Although, Dirt 3 still has music soundtracks in the game but more at the title screen, menus, etc.

This YouTube video is example of some audio in the game Dirt 3. It has a style of modern/electronic which has vocals inside of the song. The song does not build up but fits well with the game racing theme.  It is 4:38 long which is over twice the size of the one we need to do.

“Intimate Confessions” has a different theme and style which is more electronic than the other example. It uses voices which are repitched and edited to fit with the beat which makes it pleasant to hear.

-Need for speed

Need for speed does have a soundtrack while in the game driving. You can hear music in this gameplay video:

The music (non-diegetic) which is played in the game is in the actual driving gameplay although it is quite compared to the diegetic sounds like the crashing, engine,etc. The diegetic sound is much louder than the non-diegetic music. Diegetic sounds from the game are: engine, drifting and crashing are the main diegetic sounds.

Both games similar diegetic sounds from crashing to drifting from they both being a driving sim game. The main difference in audio is the non-diegetic sounds is that Need For Speed has non-diegetic music in the background but Dirt 3 dosen’t in the main gameplay, only in the menus.

Now  will be analysing some audio from non driving sim games due from they have more music and would be good if I had some other related games for my audio research.

Others (driving games but not driving sim):


I will be looking at the original F-zero in 1990 on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).

The music in F-zero is very different to the other driving sim games I have analysed. F-zero is a driving car game which is not a sim driving game. The music in F-zeros is very iconic and famous for its soundtrack. The Most famous music in the game is Big Blue and mute city.

The music is dramatic and intense when you are playing the game with the sound. It has that feeling of speed in the racing game due that F-zero is a speedy game which you need to go fast and turn around the corners and go into 1st. The music fits in with game each of the different courses/circuits have a different soundtrack. For example Mute City and Big Blue are two separate tracks in the game.

Comparing F-zero with Dirt 3 and Need for speed soundtracks shows that a non driving sim game has more unique music to other than the sim driving games. F-zero has more to offer in music terms as it is more open to music as the game is more sci-fi themed gene than the others being realistic as you are driving a car similar to your car in real life.

Need for speeds, Dirt 3 and zeros release  dates show that Need for speed and Dirt three where November 3, 2015  and May 24, 2011. Which if comparing to F-zero which came out at November 21, 1990, show that F-zero is over 25 years older than Dirt 3 and Need for speed. This shows that good music soundtrack for driving games can be good whenever it was made.