Huds in video games are overlays which are used to show and tell information about the strategy and payoff and information. Examples of huds in videos are games are life bars to show how much life you have, energy bars, maps to show the map in the game and to show where are you on the map, timer to show long how long you are or how long till you need to get to a specific point. There are many more examples of hud uses in video games.

There are three main types of huds in video games:

-Permit Hud: This hud will always be on the screen. Examples of these could be timer, health,etc.

-Pull up Hud: These huds are determined by the user. Examples of these could be when you click on a button in game which makes a menu/pop up appear which can be a hud.

-Action hud: When a hud is used in an event by user triggering in the game. An example of this is when you are on low health which may trigger a hud to make the screen go red to indicate that you are on low health.

I used huds information to do some resherched to create a mood board of existing games.

Mood board game desing HUD .png

The huds used in the game legend of zelda (top left conner) shows that it uses huds at the top of the game.


The item slots (B and A) show that are permit huds including the map and life due from that when you start the game they are always their. These huds show how much health you have incited by the title “-LIFE-“. B and A squares shows what items you have with you on your journey. The grey square and small square show where you are on the map even tho it is a very basic map.


Legend of Zelda was one of the first games to have a more in depth huds in a 2D game. However, Legend Of Zelda Orcaine of time improved the huds graphics, desings,etc. Legend Of Zelda Orcaine of time was the first Zelda game to be in 3D rather than 2D. Most of its mechanics have been improved since the original game.



These huds indicate what the player has in the hotbar. These huds are periement Icons show up for different items selected. The different coloured circles are there because it tells the player what button to press for each of the items as the controller has different coloured buttons which are linked inside of the game.



The huds on the left show the players life, and magic meter. This is a periment meter as it stays on the screen for the whole game. The player is show the life meter so they know how much healthier they have before the game is over or try to prevent the game over by heal by hearts or a health potion. The hud on the right is another periment hud and tells the player how many rubies (the currceny in game) and how many keys they have in a dungeon.

Overwatch (picture on mood board is top right) has some unique huds for each of the characters you can choose from.


The huds used in the game uses various different types. One of the main huds is the health bar and character picture. This hud shows what character you are playing as well as how much health you have. This hud  is a permit hud which shows always when in the game. The huds on the other side which show the weapon and abilities that that the user has. Lshift and E are the main special side abilities you have. From the icons hud of L shift and E you can quickly identify which of the two uses what function. These huds are action huds by you doing the action first then it does a function. A more visual hud is to show what weapon you have and tells the ammo you have. This is a permeant hud as it stays for all of the game.


The another hud which is found in the middle bottom is your ultimate charge. With this you can build it up till it is 100% and then you can releases your special ability. This is both a permeant hud.

Splatoon is a bright colourful game from its cartoonish art style. It has various huds:



The first hud which is found at the left corner. It a periment hud which shows how much time is left in the match. Its graphics shown is in a black dark rounded rectangle which has a comic black to grey circled graident from bottom to top. The clock has a small icon to tell a new player what that hud used for.


These huds at the right corner show  how much ink you have placed on the ground, you then ult attack and your three specific abilty. These are all periment huds and tell the player about their active abilty, which is indicated by the bright ring. It tells the player how much are they have splatted using their weapons and tells the player how much more are they need to splat till they can use their ult attack which is shown in a circle.


This hud tells the player how many people are on their team as well tells how many other player are on the other team. It also tells how many squids are alive in game. This is a periment hud.


The final hud shows messages you can tell in game to your teams mates. This will help all of the other team mates to group up,etc. This hud is also a periment hud.