One of the first art homework’s we needed to do is to copy out some existing work to practice on shading and tonal mark making. A artist we looked out for his tonal artwork is called Seurat. His drawing paintings were drawn on ruth paper with a tonal features. He draws art of thing he see from his eye in the real world then draws them with shades of light and dark.

For example he had drawn a guy laying down which he draw it to show the body of the person with an outline from shading to show the contrast between light and dark. His jackets was light and hise trousers were dark which can show a human body in the drawing.

Are task was to copy some of his tonal drawings to practice on light and dark shades.  I done three drawings from Seurat’s collection which all uses light and dark shading. My favourite one which I done was the man lying on the ground tonal picture. I just like how my one is finished looks and how similar it is to Seurat’s