“Experimenting to make different patterns. The best ones I like is number 25 and 20”

In visual studies we experimented on rough pattern and texture mark making. I done this by making a squared grid from pencil on a sheet of paper.  Each square must show a different mark making technique/style. I started on mark making by granite and pencil to make different textures for each squares. From light and shade to curvy and straight lines, I made unique textures by drawing by different strokes.

I used tonal shading  to show how bold and light the texture is. For example I made a pattern which the middle is darker than lighter outside. I used granite to make new textures by scraping it from the long side of the granite to a ruth texture on the side of square. I used the rubber to make a smudge textures also rubber strokes to remove darker areas.

These mark making experimental examples can be useful for future projects which I can use the mark making in other drawings for light and shade. I can even use some of the textures for other textures which are meant to be another texture inside of art.