One of our first task in visual studies was using life perspective to draw out a dinosaur from pencil mark making and shading. I was given a plastic dinosaur which had a lot of texture on the dinosaur which we had to try to redraw it on paper. The most trouble I had when drawing the dinosaur was from the shape and measurements as we couldn’t use a rubber to erase error pencil marks on the paper which was challenging as you had  to improvise if you made a mistake which I did a few times.


“Perry the dinosaur! -Used shading skills from pressure. -Used a HB pencil. -Would of improve shading”

I drawn out a dinosaur which can be identified as an dinosaur. The next task was to draw out a more detailed section of the dinosaur. I draw a square on my life perspective picture to show what area I was drawing from the picture from the other task. I selected the head/arm area of the dinosaur to start drawing from. I started on a new piece of paper and draw the shape of it first. Then added the detail from the wrinkles and skin texture of the dinosaur to make it more realistic.









“Synecdoche: Tonal mark making, shading fro mark making.

Tone: Light and dark valves, mark making uses drawn textures/skills.”

Skills I used between the two task was mark making and tonal mark making. The word tone means how light or dark the light levels is. I used tonal mark making to show where the light is coming from and how dark it is. I used mark making to give the dinosaur texture by using the pencil with different strokes. For shading I did a checkerboard cross board pattern which can give a dark view to the area of the picture. I used curved and straight shading which can go up or down to create the 3d of the dinosaur as well of shading.

I feel that the final dinosaur picture does show it is an dinosaur from both tasks. I used specific techniques to show the shading and depth of the dinosaur. This was a good practice at drawing with lots of tonal shading and mark making.