Robin Polygon Destructive.png
My robin poly art 

My final version for my poly bird! I like the style of poly art and inspired to make my own poly art with other photos which are taken by a camera in the future!

Good points:

  • I used my tools well like the Polygonal Lasso tool to make triangle shapes.
  • I organised my layers together  into grouped folders as well for naming which specify layers what I need the most like the original photo.
  • I have improved on using grids and grid preferences.

Bad points:

  • The robin’s claws could of been better like using more triangles for the claw.
  • The background could of have been better by making the background a use of triangles of poly art.


  • Make the background not as basic as it is now. Make the background poly art.
  • Improve on the robins claws.
  • Practice skill with doing more poly art on other photos.