When in Adobe Photoshop, you can make Low poly art by using triangles and Average blur to make it one colour. This edited artwork gives it a retro polygon feels with limited colours and shaping which makes it crisper.


Robin Polygon Destructive.png
Poly art Project Rough copy – A Work In Progress!


How to make a low poly art you will need to get a realistic type of picture then you will need to set some preferences up.

You will need to turn on grids and enable snap to grids in the view tab. Then go to Photoshop CC > Preferences > Guides,Grids and Slices. When in preferences set to Grids: Gridlines every:10, Subdividers:1, set lines to: – – – – – – – and  Chooses red for the gridline colours.


Before you start placing triangles make sure you turn off ANT-Allas. To start, select and place a triangle from where you think it should fit. Then build along forming each of the triangles points to connect them until you have completed the picture you wanted to make!

To make it faster, you can use actions! Actions is a powerful tool which lets you record your clicks from actions in Photoshop and then you can use the action script it makes to reuses again. This make it more efficient and doesn’t waste as much time when using actions for specific things. Make sure you set the action to a FKey like F2-F12 to make it even faster to start the action!