A practice we did in Adobe Illustrator was to make a shopping basket using different shapes and then put food products in the basket which you could see through the holes that we made by using pathfinder.


First, I made the basket by making a upside down trapezium for the body of the basket which was a light grey colour. For the handles I use rounded rectangles and for the main handle I used light red rounded rectangles which were not as long. Next I made some long rounded rectangle shapes which I transformed and made a repeated pattern of long rounded triangles along the basket. I did this by selecting the only one long rounded rectangle then went to the top tab and  went to effects > distort and transform > transform… This will lead you to a menu which allows you to make a shape repeat it self.

It can the them repeat it  many ways like it can repeat itself up/downwards, sideway even  at title angles rotational ways. For today we will only need normal straight sideways one. Measure each of the rectangles to see they fit on top of the basket body shape. When measured, group them together then use pathfinder which we used for the circle pattern previously. You should have now holes in the shape to make it like a basket with holes.

Now that we have holes in the basket, we can add items in the basket. I made a tin can by using rounded rectangles. After I made the tin I arranged it to be in the corner of basket while the basket is in front. Go to windows > layers to show the tab for layers and move the tin can components below the basket. Now you should see the tin can behind the basket but still  see it through the holes.

The main idea for the basket design was from a actual shopping basket which can be found in supermarkets. If I needed to make more baskets or have to make another design for a basket. I would of changed the design to make it more unique.