I tested out audio and sound in Garage band by making a 16 second loop! I used default present sounds which are in the program and some which was uploaded to the computer at the college.

I used the programs shortcuts for garage band and by placing and cutting inside of garage band I have made. The 16 second loop shows I know basic knowledge of the tools inside of garage band. I have started to use the other advanced tools in garage band from effects like change of pitch, speed, etc but not too in depth yet.

The music I made has a pattern which builds up different sounds till the end. I found this music to be annoying and repetitive as I didn’t make any unique parts it just repeats every 2-3 seconds while adding more sounds into the music which repeats every 2-3 seconds as well.

Next time in the future when I make a similar loop which is 8-16 seconds I will make it unique by making it different sounds and will be more interesting to hear as every second will be something different and unique to listen to and won’t feel generic. This 16 loop sounded a bit generic but I will improve on this by practicing more by using different sounds, skills and techniques in garage band.