The spot healing tool is a very useful tool in Photoshop for making tiny changes. The spot healing tool can remove certain things from a picture and then replaces them with similar pixels colours. Using the spot healing tool and masking which has blurs can be useful for repairing old photos to making them digitally neater and beautiful.

The spot healing tool gets used a lot in magazines to remove spots and wrinkles of celebrities to make them look beautiful and appealing to the public.

Original picture

I will be using a picture of Morgan Freeman to practice spot healing tool, blending tool and layer adjustments (levels and Hue) and see if I can make an end product of Morgan Freeman looking younger than he is.

My edit

I made a layer which has a Gaussian blur to it which is a mask so it can replace areas which spot healing can not do as it might be too complex or too big . The spots were removed by the spot healing tool by doing a little at the time I draw on top of the picture which shows a shaded area which you have drawn with the spot healing brush. Right after it replaces it with similar colours around it which makes the spot disappear . Finally, I used levels and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to add more lighting to the picture. I used that to make the picture lighter.

Here is another example for the spot healing tool to be used:


Original old photo of a boy


My edit

I have this time removed all of the creases and folds from the old photo. I also used blending and masking for more complexes areas as spot healing tool can not do big areas, only small areas. You can see that I used masking and blurring near the leg (where the socks start). I will need to improve on how much blurring I have done and will next time change how strong the blur is. Then I used Hue/Saturation layers to change the colour to be more older western colour style from the dull old grey.