Photoshop’s content aware tool can help you to remove features from a picture and can make picture bigger by extending them but still looks natural and not stretched out.

Here is an example:


Original beach picture


We are going to extend the picture by cropping outwards then going to use the fill tool with content aware.


Beach picture extended to the Left, Right and  top of picture by using content aware.

Most to of the picture looks natural by a few simple steps: Crop outwards to expand the canvas size which will only give you transparent due to the picture being not as big as the canvas anymore. In the transparent area select the area you like to expand the picture from. Drag marquee tool over some of the pictures edge. Once selected go to Edit > Fill – Use: Content aware. You may want to use the blend tool and spot healing tool to remove notice un-natural areas from the content aware due it can not make everything look natural.

Another way of using the content aware tool is by using it move object, people, etc in another area  in the picture while area where the selected was before fixes by what is around the picture. This tool might be handy to use if I need to edit some picture if I need them for my assignments to have a bigger area around it or move the object or thing in the picture to specific areas