A little exercise we did, is pathfinding in Adobe Illustrator. We made a rough pattern in Adobe Illustrator then used pathfinder to remove an area inside the shape so you can see through the next layer like holes. We done this by grouping up circles which are all are aligned in a circle. We grouped them by selecting them all and grouping them from the top tab: object > group. When this is done now we can use pathfinder to delete the circles areas. Make sure you have the pathfinder tab open. If you don’t have it go to windows > pathfinder, a tab should pop up. With this new tab which you can snap into one of the sides, select the shape and the grouped shapes then go to the pathfinder tab. Look under shape modes and find the second one called unite. This will now remove all of the group shapes and leave the main shape with holes though it.

Here is my design in Illustrator which was made for the pathfinder exercise:












As you can see the middle start part has gone and made a hole, this was done by pathfinder and layers. Next time if I do a pattern similar to this I will get the measurements right of the rotation and the positions of each of the grouped shapes. I will be using the pathfinder skill in one of my upcoming tasks which is to make a shopping basket.