I have made a pitch for a video game story, here is all my work planning to the actual text of the story:





I used a Y graph and bullet points for my planning of a story for the pitch.


I typed up a story by splitting it into 3 parts: beginning, middle (problem) and ending. I have used details to describe the look of the world and atmosphere.

Pitch/Brief for video game story:

Title: Project Zoom

Basic sentence (Whole story in one sentence!):

Dash runs quickly, to destroy the huge metallic orb inside the massive ruined planet.



The year was 3000/1, May 23rd. It was a cloudy sunny day, which gave a mild temperature to the atmosphere. Everywhere you looked around was filled with nature with leaves and colour flower everywhere. In the far distance, there is Mount-Sci which is the most tallest mountain on the planet which is made out of grey solid stone and have many reliable sources in the mountain like iron and titanium. A wrinkled, aged man lives in the mountains, which he spent most of his life-making robots for use. His name is Professor Da, a scientist that specializes in robot engineering.

-Middle Part 1 (Problem):

Unfortunate, one day a robot went rogue, he was called Project 41. Project 41 was a hybrid robot with has the intelligence of 1000 human species which was going to use his powers for good which failed to delivered to Professor DA idea. Projects 41s, brain cell chip got corrupted. It now looks for aggression and wants to kill humanity with his powers by consuming everything! Now Professor DA needs to find an solution before it’s too late!

-Middle part 2 (A solution for a problem):

Professor DA decides to make a superior robot called Project 42 with the remaining scraps he has. Professor DA decides to make the robot human with special abilities like being faster than a cheetah by installing a turbo engine 5 into Project 41. With all of this he added long titanium springs into all of his bone joints, to add a abilities called zoom. Professor DA is determined that Dash will destroy Project 41 by going to the centre of the earth before Project 41 steals all of the energy from this planet.

Dash doesn’t know why he is alive and thinks he is a human from Professor DA not telling him the truth that he is a robot (which he realises at the end of the story). Dash set his journey to the other side of the planet to enter the Great hole which leads him to the centre of the earth. On his journey he will set in different unique worlds and encounter different kinds of foes and obstacles to get around them. He will use his special abilities to jump, run through different kinds of platforms and the abilities to use his dash to get combos and to get out of tricky situations before it is too late for him to save everyone!


Dash, finds himself against the massive Project 41. After Dash has destroyed his four weak engine points, Projects 41 power release helps him escape the centre of the plant, out into space. With Dash barely holding onto Project 41 was defeated, he goes to battle inside of Project 41. After Project 41 defeat, the whole robot explodes into a million pieces with Dash falling from a high point back to the planet. When landed, Dash notices he was a robot after all from the damaged he had from landing. Professor DA, comes and supports him and put him in a robot save data chamber until next time…

Everyone was saved by Dash with his abilities but Dash was disconnect from his robot, with no one to help him anymore.. (Cliff hanger/ dramatic ending, I guess)

The End.

Support Pictures for character design of dash:

Drawn by me!


-Target audience:

From existing games for the target audience, I have seen that platformer type of games are aimed at younger audiences with basic controls and are easier to get into for younger audience and isn’t targeted at adults/ older people but I want gameplay to be challenging and you need to be skilled at the game to complete it. I will make the target audience ageing 6-16 years old, its the colour style and easier to play but more challenging to the end of the game.


The gameplay for my game is inspired by the genre of 2D platformers. Existing games show that the main successful platforms games are: Super Mario bros series , Sonic the Hedgehog series and the Mega Man series. All bring something unique to the table: Super Mario bros brand the milestone of gaming and was one of the first successful platformers which was called “Super Mario Bros” – NES (1985). Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega) was a competitor to Super Mario Bros (Nintendo) but didn’t fear that series and made their own platformer called “Sonic the Hedgehog” – Megadrive/Genesis (1991) which introduces that the playable character is fast and can do different moves like spin attacking,etc. Capcom made a platformer called “Mega man” in 1987! It was a shooter platformer game where you go through levels defeating bosses to get their power ups. This mechanic is unique and gives a challenging gameplay experiences.

From this research I want to make a platformer game but with something unique in the game. The story I want to make a character which goes fast with his ability called zoom he has a boost to help him through the game.

Art styles for the game can be from my favourites styles. I have seen a lot of games use a retro/8 bit pixel feel to the game. A few games use pixel art for the visuals in a game which has been inspired by early video game back from the 1980s to 1990s from 8-bit to 16-bit. This style gives a pixelated look and feel to the game which look like it was made 30 years ago but with modern gameplay it gives a nonstaer and detailed looks to the game. A few examples which uses pixel art as their main visuals in modern games are: Minecraft, undertale and shovel knight.

How to make pixel art or a pixel art style is to use Photoshop which uses raster’s. Raster’s in Photoshop are using small pixels which are picture elements to form a shape or picture inside of Photoshop. By using this software you can zoom in to make a canvas like 8 X 8, 16 X 16, 64 X 64 to make 8 bit, 16 bit, etc.

Another, visuals which interests me is a simplistic vector art style look. This art styles give a bright shaped feel to it. Uses limited colours which have a same theme to create a basic looking style to the game. The vector basic styles is mainly used for still art or animations. To make simplistic vector art use adobe illustrator which uses vectors instead of raster’s in Photoshop. Create by making shapes to custom shapes